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This is a piece is a 4 minute exposure I created since recently moving back to my home town of Muscatine, Iowa. I moved back about 2 months ago and scouted out this small sand beach near Buffalo, Iowa. I actually have never done anything on the Mississippi River before. The Mississippi River is a great river with tons of history, with the story of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain probably being the most famous. Although there are many miles of this river totaling 2320 miles, making it the 4th largest river in the world, it is rather difficult to find good places to create amazing landscape images. The reason for this is the dense wooded areas and muddy banks along most of the river. If your among the shores in a local town you can have great views of the river, but usually not like the one pictured here. Your local towns don’t usually have beaches, just boat ramps, parks and buildings. This is a “Limited Edition” image, with only 5 going to be produced. Since it is rather rare to find great locations, I feel it only fitting for the image to be just as rare. This image will be displayed and for sale (unless sold out) throughout the many art festivals I will be attending this summer in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. This image is also displayed and for sale in my “Limited Edition” Collection on my website. GaryHarrisImages.Com


“Copper Veil”

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This is my newest image called “Copper Veil”. This image was taken at the Grist Mill in Wild Cat Den State Park just outside Muscatine, Iowa. I wanted to create an image of the Grist Mill with the water flowing, but with no leaves on the trees and brown grass, it would be a rather boring and plain image. By the time the trees are filled with leaves and the grass greens up in late April the water might not be flowing any longer and I wanted to do something with the moving water, so I created an abstract of the waterfall. As the late evening sun highlighted the fast moving water cascading over the falls, the 2 minute exposure made it much more dramatic and surreal.

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“December Ice”

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This is one of my newest pieces called “December Ice”. This image was taken on the shores of Lake Superior in the early part of December just as the water was freezing on the rocks while the lake was still thawed. I like this because I don’t like shooting on the lake when it’s frozen. I create a lot of Long Exposures and this was no exception. The 4 minute exposure was used to soften the rough wind blown water, giving all the attention to the ice covered rocks. The long exposure also helps stretch out the clouds making the sky a little more dynamic. The setting sun also added a little color to the mostly grey sky. This is a “Limited Edition” print with only 100 prints being sold. This image will be making its way through numerous Art Festivals throughout the Midwest starting at the Cherokee Triangle Art Festival in Louisville, Kentucky April 25th & 26th.

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qm My name is Gary Harris from Muscatine, Iowa and my blog is about Gary Harris Images – Fine Art Landscape Photography. I want everyone to know who I am and everyone to experience the world of Gary Harris Images. By this I mean, I will post all information that has importance to Gary Harris Images. I sell my images at Fine Art Festivals throughout the Mid-West during the warmer months and down south during the winter. I will be posting any information and dates on the shows I will be attending. The images sold at Art Festivals and through my website are displayed in homes and businesses throughout the United States and I will be posting those images for your viewing pleasure and talking a little bit about those images. Although I live in Iowa and take pictures in many locations, most images are created on the shores of Lake Superior, where I teach The Lake Superior Photo Adventure Workshops. I will be relaying any information pertaining to these workshops. I am also starting a new collection for my Portfolio this year, which will be created on the shores on Lake Michigan and I will share those as they happen. I will be giving you the same helpful tips that I learned and still use today, that will help you create better images. Since my Portfolio mostly consists of Long Exposure Photography, I will also be giving up the tips I’ve learned and the equipment needed to create these dynamic surreal images. I have been published in Extraordinary Vision Magazine (Issue #25), the #1 Outdoor Photography Magazine in the I-Tunes store. I hope you join in on the fun and the world of Gary Harris Images – Fine Art Landscape Photography! You can visit my website to view all my images at: