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“December Ice”

December Ice - Website

This is one of my newest pieces called “December Ice”. This image was taken on the shores of Lake Superior in the early part of December just as the water was freezing on the rocks while the lake was still thawed. I like this because I don’t like shooting on the lake when it’s frozen. I create a lot of Long Exposures and this was no exception. The 4 minute exposure was used to soften the rough wind blown water, giving all the attention to the ice covered rocks. The long exposure also helps stretch out the clouds making the sky a little more dynamic. The setting sun also added a little color to the mostly grey sky. This is a “Limited Edition” print with only 100 prints being sold. This image will be making its way through numerous Art Festivals throughout the Midwest starting at the Cherokee Triangle Art Festival in Louisville, Kentucky April 25th & 26th.

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Please contact me through my website if interested in purchasing this image before it sells out.