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Gary Harris Images – Fine Art Landscape Photography

qm My name is Gary Harris from Muscatine, Iowa and my blog is about Gary Harris Images – Fine Art Landscape Photography. I want everyone to know who I am and everyone to experience the world of Gary Harris Images. By this I mean, I will post all information that has importance to Gary Harris Images. I sell my images at Fine Art Festivals throughout the Mid-West during the warmer months and down south during the winter. I will be posting any information and dates on the shows I will be attending. The images sold at Art Festivals and through my website are displayed in homes and businesses throughout the United States and I will be posting those images for your viewing pleasure and talking a little bit about those images. Although I live in Iowa and take pictures in many locations, most images are created on the shores of Lake Superior, where I teach The Lake Superior Photo Adventure Workshops. I will be relaying any information pertaining to these workshops. I am also starting a new collection for my Portfolio this year, which will be created on the shores on Lake Michigan and I will share those as they happen. I will be giving you the same helpful tips that I learned and still use today, that will help you create better images. Since my Portfolio mostly consists of Long Exposure Photography, I will also be giving up the tips I’ve learned and the equipment needed to create these dynamic surreal images. I have been published in Extraordinary Vision Magazine (Issue #25), the #1 Outdoor Photography Magazine in the I-Tunes store. I hope you join in on the fun and the world of Gary Harris Images – Fine Art Landscape Photography! You can visit my website to view all my images at: http://garyharrisimages.com/