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“The Mulberry House”


The Mulberry House is a home I just shot for Remax. I love shooting houses for Realtors because you get to see the inside of a lot of different houses. You get to see those beautiful homes that you can’t afford. They all have different themes or tastes when it comes to decorating, just like photography. We all see things different and have different styles. Very few homes are built exactly the same and many are built in different eras. Some homes are dated, some have been remodeled and some stand with the times. I’m not going to show the whole house but I will show a few of the favorite shots i did.


The dining room in this house was beautiful and the old antique table was exquisite. I think when shooting interiors, exposure for the windows is just as important as exposure for the room. Yes you have two totally different exposures, which can be managed properly now in the digital age of photography with the spectacular processing software we have.


The living room was a very comfortable room in the home with a cozy fireplace for a cold winter day. Yes, I also shot the room from that angle, I just liked this angle better. As with the dining room I think it is important to have detail in your lights and a good exposure on the windows.


This is one of the three bedrooms upstairs. When you look at photos for listings on the MLS or Realtor.com, most are lacking the professionalism needed to properly sell the property. What I mean is that bad photography can steer a buyer away from a property which may be the perfect home for them. They usually set up viewings for the homes they like best, which are usually the homes with the best photos. Sometimes the home best suited for their needs didn’t even get a viewing because of bad photography. If you are selling your home, make sure you ask the Realtor if they are going to have the home professionally photographed. If not, I would choose another Realtor.

You can view more home photos at: InteriorDesign.GaryHarrisImages.Com